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Three Hundred Thirteen is a movement, a mindset, a way of life.

 A representation of GREATNESS.

Inspired by a historical battle that took place in the ancient lands of Arabia in the year 624, when 313 men went to battle against over 1000. Outnumbered and written off they stood courageous and fearless ready and willing to overcome against all odds. The underdog was victorious. Herein lies the Motto and inspiration behind our brand. Stand up stand firm and stay true.


When you wear a Three Hundred Thirteen piece of clothing it represents who you are. You are one of us. You are Three Hundred Thirteen.

You are untouchable!
You belong AMONGST 313, that rare and unique breed of valiant and defiant individuals who will ALWAYS stand their ground in every walk of life in the pursuit of GREATNESS.


  Everything produced comes from a desire to celebrate the power, talent and uniqueness of the individual, and the struggle that is required to clear your own path, rather than follow the herd. Nothing is Impossible!

 This attitude is present through the designs, and the clothing, whether straightforward in the form of a slogan or message, hinted by symbolism found in our logos or artwork, or by the unique details found throughout our apparel.

At Three Hundred Thirteen we draw our influences from a wide range of ideas including but not limited to Sports, Hip Hop, Street Culture, Fashion, Religion, Politics, History, and more.



Recognise Greatness!

Never Surrender - EST.624